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the artist's painting of baghdad, the city where he was born and raised, evokes the romance and rich culture of that great old city which was ruthlessly destroyed, leaving only memories of a dream and a rich colorful heritage that ranges from the very sophisticated, during the reign of haroun al-rashid and afterwards, to the tales of shehrazad, sinbad the sailor and the tales of the 1001 nights.


as you look at this painting, you instantly feel the warmth of colors that were embedded in s. kamil's memories as he left home to study architecture in poland and later in mainz, germany, where he currently lives.


the blend of art and architecture could apparently be seen in a large collection of drawings in black ink that include many drawings of old  churches constructed of wood.


another marvellous collection gives glimpses of the purity and simplicity of the bedouin life. these very aspects are what the artist has always  seeked. his own search for the pure and simple in life made him love art for art's sake and never invested his exceptional talents to gain fame or fortune.